The new Cressi Thor fin has an unprecedented structure that combines the two central ribs in high modulus polypropylene, very reactive and a central area of the thermoplastic rubber with a convex section, assembled in a polypropylene blade. Two lateral nozzles located in the area where the flexion starts release the associated negative forces and allow the use of two high-response ribs. This combination causes a channeling and acceleration of water flow, which stabilizes and increases propulsion at equal effort. 

The special strap meets the needs of the most demanding divers, who need a comfortable fastening for their foot but one that is still practical and manageable. Its special amply sized slot makes it very easy to put on, even when wearing thick gloves or three-fingered gloves for winter water.

The blade are molded from two different materials for improved reactivity.  These fins are perfect for scuba diving, whether you are an experienced diver or a novice. 

RRP $299.99


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