Freediving Wetsuit | Cressi Corvina 5mm


The latest addition to Cressi's spearfishing range. The Cressi Corvina is a high-performance suit for the dedicated spearo.

The Corvina wetsuit features Cressi’s new camouflage material with black/grey colour tones.

For effortless breathing and wearability, the most sensitive areas, in the back and under the arms, use a new smooth, dual layer neoprene called "two-ply Neoprene". This is highly flexible, has great thermal power, and at the same time is very study and durable.

This neoprene has a 1mm thick outer layer and a 4mm dual inner layer separated by a structural elastic lining.

Thanks to this technology, it may be sewn to obtain strong seams and will not tear. The wetsuit benefits from a "self-adjusting" zone system that facilitates breathing and at the same time ensures excellent insulation, even in a strong wind.

The design features protective reinforcement on sternum and knees as well as a knife pocket added to the thigh uniquely for the New Zealand market.

$RRP. $549.99