Diving mask | Cressi Calibro


The Cressi Calibro is the latest in a range of ground breaking masks from Cressi and the first to feature the Fog Stop system.


This patented new technology uses a thin membrane around the nose pocket to deflect warm, moist air from the nose away from the lenses drastically reducing fogging.


Based off the design of the highly-popular Cressi Nano, the Calibro uses Integrated Dual Frame technology to reduce internal volume to only 85 cubic cm. The Calibro's exclusive construction, which sees the skirt clamped directly to the frame without the need for gluing helps minimise weight to an impressive 118g.


The Calibro's low volume, light weight and fog reduction cpabilities have quickly made it a favourite in not just the freediving and spearfishing communities but also with Scuba divers and snorkellers the world over.


Available in black and green silicone. 

RRP. $129.99

Diving mask | Cressi Calibro
Cressi Calibro Review
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